How do i find a good leadership coach?

Here are four strategies for identifying and evaluating the best executive coach for you, your team, or your organization. Understand the coach's niche and area of specialization Review your training, your credentials and your advanced training. Delve deeper into the coach's intellectual leadership. Your coach must fully invest in you as a leader and as a person.

Look for someone who is excited about their career, personal development, and future. Your triumphs should be their triumphs. Active listening is a lost art, even among some of today's coaches. A coach's job isn't to have a prefixed, loaded answer before you even finish thinking.

They should be fully committed to what you say. Doing so is necessary so that they can use their training as trainers and provide you with the most relevant ideas and observations. Motivation is essential, but the key to that quality is responsibility. Many leaders need a responsible partner, someone who makes sure they do what they set out to do.

That's not a weakness, it's simply intelligent leadership. If you want to overcome major challenges and experience significant changes throughout your coaching commitment, you'll need to find a coach who knows how to expertly employ both motivation and responsibility when necessary. Will a 180 or 360 degree tool be used? If so, how valid and reliable is it and who will have access to the results? Brandi is an award-winning international speaker, facilitator and coach. Brandi's passion is to develop the next generation of world leaders and create experiences that transform lives.

Once the program begins, encourage the training program participant to be specific with what they hope to gain from their time with the leadership coach. Thus, after a restructuring effort aimed at equipping Microsoft's sales teams with the appropriate technical and industry skills to accompany corporate customers in their migration to the cloud, Courtois continued with workshops, tools and an online course designed to help company managers develop a leadership style based on training.

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