How do i get the most out of virtual training?

Be prepared for the inevitable complications. Be “in the classroom” to greet participants. Sending virtual event reminders one day and one hour before the event's start time can increase virtual attendance by up to 83%. The numbers have a lot to do with the configuration of the virtual training, the software being used and the way in which the attendees participate.

For example, if there are five students present, they can all have their cameras and microphones turned on without causing much confusion. However, if there are between 15 and 25 participants, attendees should remain silent for most of the presentation, as background sounds emitted by several microphones can quickly get louder. Instruct students to show their screens, raise their hands, or interact with an on-screen chat when they want to broadcast live. Now that you have the knowledge, skills, and resources to create world-class virtual training events, your sessions will be better than ever.

Experiment with different tools and styles to find what best suits your needs. Explore various types of virtual events and look for additional opportunities to engage with employees or promote your company. Check out this list of 37 virtual event ideas and examples for inspiration. To avoid this situation, you can apply the principle of microlearning to your virtual training.

The shorter duration can increase concentration and learning retention during the virtual session. For example, if you can divide an 8-hour session into two 4-hour sessions, this will help students to concentrate more on training and allow them to rest part of the day to concentrate on work; this can also result in improved training effectiveness. Instruct your trainer to receive feedback every 2 to 3 hours during a session to understand students' perspectives on training. Based on the feedback, the trainer can make some changes to the training to help the students during the session.

First, you should get used to keeping the video on during training sessions. As a class leader, you'll want to make sure that your students feel a certain connection with you. Plus, they'll have something to look at instead of on their phone screens, or in the distance. If possible, ask them to also turn on their cameras, creating a mutual relationship and putting some pressure on them to appear focused.

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