7 Strategies to Ensure Your Team is Engaged in Management Coaching Sessions

Creating a culture of team feedback is essential for successful management coaching sessions. It's important to push employees to their attainable limits and encourage them to learn from others. According to Bersin from Deloitte, current skills only have a lifespan of 2 ½ to 5 years. This means that it's necessary from a business perspective, as well as for today's employees who don't want to just go to work and complete their daily tasks.

When setting realistic standards for your team, it's important to outline specific objectives. For example, if turnover has been an issue, you could work to reduce billing by 15 percent within a year. It's also important to be aware of the facts about employee engagement. According to CNBC, only 62 percent of 9,000 professionals surveyed said they were satisfied with the professional support provided by their company.

Offering employees opportunities to increase their skills keeps them engaged and motivated. Learning and development initiatives demonstrate that you value your employees as people who choose to continuously invest in their own growth, rather than replacing them with candidates who have the skills you want. By following a 7-step coaching model, managers can build an effective working relationship with their difficult employees and motivate them to improve their performance. The first step is to identify each person's strengths and help them develop these skills with a personalized plan.

Once the manager and employee agree that a problem exists, the manager will be ready to work with the employee on the next step of this model. For a coaching session to be productive, the manager must describe the undesirable behavior of employees in specific terms that do not further exacerbate the situation. It's also important for the manager to express what she herself has observed rather than just repeating what everyone else has said. This is less effective in training difficult employees.

By following these strategies, managers can ensure that their team is engaged in their management coaching sessions and motivated to improve their performance.

Don Demattia
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