How should you conduct a formal feedback session?

How to facilitate a good feedback meeting Prepare what you are going to say, identify your intention, describe the situation, focus on behavior, not personal traits, explain the impact, suggest next steps, listen to your perspective, and document the results. Summarize all the comments you have given and received. Let him know that everything that has been discussed has been noted and that both parties should strive to achieve better performance. I hope to celebrate my 53rd birthday in a few weeks' time.

Thirty-eight of those years were spent working in seven countries. This also means that I've worked for a lot of managers, a lot of project managers, and a lot of those who consider themselves leaders. The essence of customer service can really make a difference. Stan has been working as a professional trainer for more than 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of adult education acquired both through formal studies and practical training both nationally and internationally.

As director of professional development for New Horizons Melbourne, Stan is responsible for the execution, quality control, and improvement of new and existing New Horizons programs. Don't add yourself to this group of managers who continually postpone these types of conversations; instead, be unique and be a manager who has the courage and ability to hold great, constructive conversations with your employees. For the past ten years, I have been training and training new managers, middle managers and senior managers, and if there was one practice that most of them would avoid, it would be to organize constructive feedback sessions with their team members.

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