What is challenging about coaching?

A coach must always learn something new. This is a challenge for coaches because they are constantly changing and evolving as people. A coach must be willing to learn new things and to share them with their athletes. This will help them to develop as people.

Learning is part of life. If you don't see the need to change, you won't. In this situation, you can have them do a comprehensive evaluation. A 360 exam can help open an unbeliever's eyes, as it provides more data than yours on its own, and can make the person receiving the coachee less defensive and less self-aware.

If additional input from other people doesn't work, don't waste time and move on. First, explore with him if the goal is the right one and, if not, make adjustments. The second option is to push him to commit and explore his level of commitment through a Likert-type question, that is, since online coaching is slowly becoming the norm and not the exception, many coaches who were not well versed in the technical aspect of their profession made an effort to catch up. With the COVID-19 pandemic and teleworking becoming a new reality, adapting to online training methods became a necessity.

Unit 11, Hove Business Center, Fonthill Road, Hove, BN3 6HA. How you deal with those challenges as a coach is key to whether you thrive as a coach or have a hard time gaining a foothold in the industry.

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