How do you monitor the progress of a training program?

However, these are three basic metrics you could probably start with, even if you don't have any employee training software yet: training completion rate. This metric shows how many students have taken a course or studied the content of your training. In the case of a training program on health protection and safety, we expect attendance and completion rates of 100%. However, if your employees are only 40%, you should find out why.

That feedback can only come from line managers and coworkers. For many companies, an easy way to learn how to track training progress is to use software to track employee training. These applications usually have built-in functions for tracking metrics and generating reports. These functions make it easy to analyze the progress of employee training and the effectiveness of the training program.

Beyond progress and completion, you'll also want to keep track of evaluation scores. This will help you monitor the skills and improvement of your employees. If some employees don't meet your standards, they may need to be retrained. This can also be tracked with a good system.

Like the LMS, the Training Management System (LMS) is also a dedicated software developed for managing employee training.

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