Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Manager Coaching

Coaching is an essential skill for managers and leaders, as it helps them to hone their skills and grow professionally. It also allows them to gain a better understanding of their employees, the company, and the company's overall objectives. While acquiring new skills is something that managers can do on their own, having a leadership coach or mentor can accelerate the process and provide them with access to first-hand knowledge that would otherwise be unavailable. This is why 92% of Torch apprentices report having more job skills and 70% of leaders who receive training benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. A coach or mentor can be of great help in this regard.

They can teach managers how to develop better time management skills and prioritize responsibilities. One study found that managers who received eight weeks of leadership training, in addition to their conventional training, increased productivity by more than 22% compared to those who didn't. Coaching and mentoring sessions are an excellent tool for developing self-confidence. Why? These relationships provide managers with a feedback loop, which allows them to have an accurate idea of where they excel and, specifically, in what areas they need to improve. Torch's own database revealed that 92% of our trainees say they are more confident in facing challenges, and the Coaching Institute revealed that 80% of people who receive counseling also report having greater confidence in themselves.

Mentors and coaches can serve as a valuable sounding board for improving the manager's sense of self-awareness, either through two-way dialogue or through helpful feedback. At Torch, we also offer an exclusive 360° leadership evaluation that evaluates people in three main domains of leadership. This tool helps managers to understand their current situation and, through self-reflection and feedback from colleagues, track their progress. Fortunately, research has shown that leadership training and mentoring can mitigate these negative effects. Having a supportive relationship with a coach or mentor can help managers feel less alone on their journey and better cope with their new roles.

This, in turn, can alleviate some of the stress and anxiety they feel. In fact, people who received leadership counseling reported greater well-being and resilience in the workplace, and 91% of people who have a mentor are satisfied with their work. Coaching has been shown to have a powerful and positive impact on self-confidence, well-being, and work performance. When a manager receives professional training, their team members also benefit from the mentoring, leadership development, and coaching culture that the manager brings to the organization.

Management coaching

, also known as leadership coaching, is an important part of any talent development program. Coaching and mentoring provide opportunities to develop and refine specific skill sets that are essential for being a successful manager.

When it comes to transforming capable middle managers into higher-performing executive-level leaders, coaching achieves results. This is because the world of coaching focuses on developing the capacity of managers and employees at all levels. By giving them the opportunity to partner with a leadership coach or mentor, you set them up for success in more ways than one - from learning ways to better manage their time to identifying their strengths and weaknesses as leaders. From the perspective of individual coaches, having a line manager who has training skills is very beneficial. Failing to provide adequate training to managers can lead to long-term problems that will affect the organization. Leadership coaching is an invaluable tool for unlocking your potential as a manager or leader.

It provides you with the opportunity to develop your skillset while gaining insight into yourself as a leader. With the help of a coach or mentor, you can learn how to prioritize tasks effectively while gaining confidence in your abilities as a leader. Ultimately, this will lead to improved work performance, better relationships with colleagues, increased productivity levels, greater resilience in the workplace, and improved job satisfaction.

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