What is the best example of a powerful and effective use of story in a coaching conversation?

A coach can ask a teenager who is failing college to take a step back and describe her role in skipping classes and studying. Either way, coaching around client narratives is a powerful use of storytelling to develop self-awareness. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways leaders can influence, teach and inspire. What makes storytelling so effective for learning? To begin with, storytelling forges connections between people and between people and ideas.

Stories transmit the culture, history and values that unite people. When it comes to our countries, our communities and our families, we intuitively understand that the stories we have in common are an important part of the ties that unite us. Whether a professional coach, employee, or manager, anyone can benefit from learning basic training skills. However, when you start learning how to hold coaching conversations, a rough template and schedule can help keep the coaching session focused.

Coaching conversations can be held in a formal exchange, such as a training session or an employee review. Last Friday, I was thrilled that some incredible coaches were joining an impromptu meeting to talk about the power of history in training.

Don Demattia
Don Demattia

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